miercuri, 23 februarie 2011


I can give you all I am
And still remain me
I can show you all my dreams
Give you my world to see.
But in my world is no more you and I
And I just can't imagine

No promisses, no second try
Nothing new to happen.
I still  belive and I still wait
For you to see it clear
And I just hope it's not too late
Before it dissapear.
Cause it's your choice to go away
And mine to wait for you
No words, no actions, cry and stay
Hope I can go it throught.
My baby, you're my first love
Witch didn't end in tears
For you to know I need no prove
You can, replace my fears.
There's so much I would give ya, love
If I'd only let myself
But there's this wall of emotions
I feel I must protect.
Teach me how to laugh again
Help me to find my missing parts
I'd rather bleed with cuts of love
Than live without any scars.

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