marți, 15 februarie 2011

It's not enough...

Make me be who I was
Make me forget what you've done to me
Help me now cause
Who I was I feel I'll never be.

Help me understand this crazy world
Make me do the things I used to do
Make me say again what once I told
Learn me to forgive you.

You are the one I won't forget
But I swear I'll try
Maybe I didn't succed yet
But for sure, I'll not cry.

My crazy heart, I'll just give it to someone else
My silly soul, I'll just learn it to fly again
Everything what happend, has no sense
Because I'll never stay with you under the rain.

Of one thing, I'm really sure
I loved you so much
You took away from me that colour
You didn't left me even that innocent touch.

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