marți, 22 martie 2011

Perfect two !

I'm sure you're gonna be there for me
I know you'll ever wanna be
I feel you since the world was made
And you forgot every mean word I said
You were there when my first tear came out
You were there and listened my first true laugh
You were there reading the stupid things I wrote
Thank you baby, that's why I left you this note.
You made me smile when I was down
You made me your queen, gave me the crown
You were next to me, holding me when I couldn't sleep
You're in my heart every second, deeper and deep
You love my eyes, even when they're mean
You love my voice when you called from where you've been
You love my hands, when I'm holding yours
You love my hair, and you even love my nose :))
You're my sweetie cake full of chocolate
You're my Duffy Duck in action when you're nasty
Cause you're the one for me, and I'm the one for you
Take the both of us, we're the perfect two ! ;-x

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